Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday's Five

  1. What item would you be embarresed for people to know you own? I can't think of anything, I get rid of everything, I hate clutter.
  2. What is something you splurged on just for you? I would say a pedicure, but Riley cam with me. That's it I'm going to get me something!
  3. What is something you own with no real world value that is priceless to you? My babies' memory boxes (pictures, ultrasounds and their hospital bracelets)
  4. Do you collect anything? Not really, Luke always asks if he can though.
  5. What item belonging to a friend/family member to you covet? My Grandma's jewlery. When I was little she would let me go through her jewlery box. There are some pieces of hers that I would like when she's gone.

Sorry my answers are lame, I did this one since I missed the last one.


Bryan & Kim said...

Hey Missy-
It is so good to here from you. How did you find me? I can never just find anyone. I was looking at your blog and found Brooke and Emily Poolers blog too small world.

Mitch said...

Sorry Missy, I get first dibs on Grandma's jewelry!
Love ya!