Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Day of school 2011

Since we do first day of school pics, we must do last day of school pics!

Riley Roo all ready for her last day of first grade with Ms. Sintler.
She loved her teacher, made lots of friends and got straight A's all year long!

Luke, trying not to smile- last day of 3rd grade with Ms. Obrien. He was an excellent student and example in his class, who also maintained straight A's all year. He also made a few great friends.

Such cute kids!

Riley's class. They were so silly!

Riley and Bailey.

"Cool" kids.

Luke's class. He of course didn't want any other pics taken.

I was actually quite sad as we walked out of the school that day. I got to know both of their teachers well while helping out during the year. Both had great teachers whom I really enjoyed spending time with. I really loved the kids in their classes too. I was more sad than they were to move on. They were way excited for a summer full of fun!

Chloe's preschool graduation

At the end of May our sweet little Chloe graduated preschool! She was sad to leave Mrs. Tate but super excited to be a "big kindergartner".
The kids put on a fabulous show for the families to show all they learned during the year.

Chloe doing her part.

Mrs. Tate and Chloe

Chloe and her friend Alora.

Chloe, Dad and Mom.

Afterwards we celebrated at Cici's pizza with the Leavitt family. Fun day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Lots of pics...I love Easter!!

Our ward had a little picnic and egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. The kids had a blast!

Lined up and ready to find some eggs.

The bunny made an appearance. I was surprised Cole wasn't scared.

Man, I have some cute kids! - Luke was too busy with his friends for a pic.

He loved the bunny.

The Leavitt's came over to dye eggs with us. The boys and my Dad actually did all the dyeing with them. It was actually quite nice. I don't remember what Cole's fit was about, but it is a funny picture for sure.

Chloe on Easter morning after finding her basket.

Riley with her basket too.

Luke, getting his out of the microwave.

Cole thought the eggs were so awesome.

Ready for church.

Such posers.

Darren was trying to set up the camera timer so this was a practice shot. I love how silly they are!

The whole fam.

The whole day was wonderful! Sacrament meeting was beautiful. I presented sharing time in primary and thought it went well.

After church we met up with my family for dinner and dessert and a visit. Unfortunately D had to go to work, but at least we had the day together.

So grateful for the gospel and for our Savior's sacrifice so we may have eternal life. I love that the kids are all at ages that they can understand and appreciate the atonement.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A little catch up

I'm sure you are all dying to hear about our super exciting summer. (insert sarcasm) You will have to wait till I get us all caught up. haha
I'm trying!!

Spring 2011 soccer season

Luke and Riley were able to play on the same team this season. Luke wasn't happy about it at first, but he got used to it eventually. It was very convenient for me though. Luke's friend Bryan was also on the team so that made it fun for all of us.

Luke improved his skill this year. He is getting really good.
Riley, well, she is still learning. haha She is definitely girly but I'm glad she got out there and played!

Luke , diving for the ball??

Look at that face.

Nice form!

She is so cute!

Luke looks so tired.

We only won 2 games I think, but they both had fun!

We aren't sure what we will do for fall season yet. Chloe doesn't want to play soccer, but wants to dance. Ry thinks she does, and Luke might want to play football or move up to the older age group for soccer. Sounds busy to me!!

Lion King - Spring 2011

One of the perks of Girl Scouts is getting to go on awesome field trips! We took the girls to see Lion King, and since we got such a great deal, we opened it up to the parents and siblings as well if they wanted to pay.
Darren and I took the girls. It was fun just to go out with just the 4 of us!
The show was amazing! The music and costumes were fabulous!!

The girls and me after the show...

Couldn't get any pics during the show, this was intermission I believe.

Chloe during the intermission.

Looking forward to many more adventures in Girl Scouting.
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Spring 2011 Cub Scout Day Camp

This year I was able to be very involved in Cub Scout day camp. Well, I kind of had to be with my calling... haha
It all took place right in the middle of our gs cookie sales, so needless to say, I was a wreck this last Spring.
The weather was super wacky for the 3 days of camp. It was so cold for the first two days and then beautiful on the last day.
I really did have a great time when it was all said and done. Seeing the great time all the boys had was payback enough for me. I loved getting to spend quality time with Luke too.

Luke double hoola-hooping in the obstacle course.

Shooting a bow and arrow with "Bodie-Hood". This was the boy's favorite activity.

Most of our boys along with Brother Jensen, Sister Barnum and myself.

Stamping leather.

"team work"

Cub Scouts is such a great organization. I love to see these boys learning new skills and gaining self confidence and self reliance. I really am blessed to serve with these great boys and people.