Monday, August 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Lots of pics...I love Easter!!

Our ward had a little picnic and egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. The kids had a blast!

Lined up and ready to find some eggs.

The bunny made an appearance. I was surprised Cole wasn't scared.

Man, I have some cute kids! - Luke was too busy with his friends for a pic.

He loved the bunny.

The Leavitt's came over to dye eggs with us. The boys and my Dad actually did all the dyeing with them. It was actually quite nice. I don't remember what Cole's fit was about, but it is a funny picture for sure.

Chloe on Easter morning after finding her basket.

Riley with her basket too.

Luke, getting his out of the microwave.

Cole thought the eggs were so awesome.

Ready for church.

Such posers.

Darren was trying to set up the camera timer so this was a practice shot. I love how silly they are!

The whole fam.

The whole day was wonderful! Sacrament meeting was beautiful. I presented sharing time in primary and thought it went well.

After church we met up with my family for dinner and dessert and a visit. Unfortunately D had to go to work, but at least we had the day together.

So grateful for the gospel and for our Savior's sacrifice so we may have eternal life. I love that the kids are all at ages that they can understand and appreciate the atonement.