Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday and Friday

On Wednesday afternoon I was released from my civil duties as a juror with $120 cash baby! To
reward myself for all of my hard work, I went for a mani-pedi on Thursday. It was awesome!!

On Friday Luke had 25 pennies so he was able to get something out of the treasure chest at school. This is what he picked out. It's a little discovery artifact thing, he has to dig to get it out. If you blow the picture up you can see it cost 88 cents, but he sure was proud. He now has one penny from today and he's gonna save em' up again!

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Cherise said...

Marc has decided that he wants to go to Luke's school, because he gets toys!
Way to go Lukey!!!!

Jamie said...

After jury duty, you so deserved that mani-pedi. good for you.

Yeah for Luke and his new treasure.

Amanda said...

Cute toes!!! How about Luke's teacher does make me feel treasure box is definitely not as cool as hers!!!

Jen Rose said...

Glad jury duty is over with girl! Nice pedi....I love pedicures! Luke is so cute with his treasures!

Emily said...

Yeay, no more jury duty! Everything's better after a mani-pedi! Cute toes, by the way. What a cool idea to have the kids collect pennies like that to buy stuff from the treasure box!