Monday, October 29, 2007

Riley moved out last night..

for about an hour, or so she thought. We were getting in the car to go home after dinner and she says, "I wanna be Cherise's daughter." We wanted to see how far it would go, so Darren brought her back into the house. Cherise and Machelle thought it was hillarious, so they said they would bring her home later. Riley was so serious about moving to California with Cherise it was quite sad. We all kept trying to give her the down side of her leaving, but she kept firm. She finally broke down and said she wanted to go home. It was the funniest, thing, it was as if she had been gone all week! Enjoy the pictures!

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The Ray Family said...

I used to "move out" all the time. It's funny to hear the stories now. It's always fun until it's time to go to bed! Glad she decided to go home!

Sheri said...

My girls have both tried running away a few times. I guess they figure the grass isn't always greener on the other side.No actually I tell them their new houses don't allow toys,ha ha.