Monday, November 12, 2007


I have been pretty bad about updating this last week, we've been pretty boring. Today we went to Brad and Brittney's nieces birthday party. They had two jumpers to play in. Luke and Riley had a blast. Chloe wasn't sure at first, but quickly got the hang of it. It definitely wore them all out. Chloe had the best nap when we got home.

After some resting in the afternoon, we all went to our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant. The kids were all actually really good. It's not often we actually get to sit through a whole meal peacefully! We finished the night off with frozen chocolate bananas from Trader Joe's. ( One of Brittney's cravings.) Yummy!
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Mandi said...

I love Riley's face in that picture with you..its like she's humoring you with the picture so she can get back to jumping!

Michelle said...

Cute pictures! I'm curious what's your favorite mexican restraunt around here?

Boyd Family said...

i love the picture of you and your girls :)

Sarah Goodsell said...

What a fun day! Chloe's pigtails are so cute.