Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Band - aids

Riley's stats:
37lbs 50th percentile
41 inches 75th percentile

Chloe's stats:
23.5 lbs 55th percentile
33 inches 90th percentile

Chloe is 18 months old today, so both girls went in for well checks. Dr. Santos said they are both healthy and right on track developmentally. He also said they are both tall and skinny. They can thank their Dad for that! They were both great until the shots took place. Riley needed 4 and Chloe needed 3. We did Chloe first thinking Ry would scare her, but I think it worked the other way around. Riley freaked out before the needle was even any where near her little arms! Thank goodness she is set with immunizations until she is 11! Chloe doesn't go back till she is 2, so I'm glad we have a little break. It's funny how different they are from their brother.

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Mitch said...

I love how Riley proudly displays her colorful Band-Aids. Tell her that she earned her Badge of Courage today. She is a very brave little gal. Thank goodness she can forget about getting "stuck" for a while.
Chloe has her own unique look. What a doll!
It is so cute, but awfully strange, to see so much exposed skin during the winter months!
So Missy, what temperature do you have your thermostat set at?
The only people in Wisconsin that are brave enough to expose their arms and chest (indoors or out) are the "drunks" and the mentally insane! (There’s such a subtle distinction between the two.)
What a difference a few degrees south latitude makes!
My kids have to wait until the end of June before it gets warm enough to go sleeveless!

Have a restful night.
Love ya,
Go Packers!

Sarah Goodsell said...

Shot's for us don't bring smiles you have tough girls!

Jodie said...

Girl...I am NOT looking forward to our upcoming appt. Days like that just drain me. Both Quincy and Beckam are overdue...I don't know if they should hate me for waiting and getting more shots at once or love me for getting it done at one time?

So glad for you that yours is over with for a while at least!

the boyd family said...

how cute, showing off their little band-aids. i'm telling you, i did that 2 weeks ago... it was rough!!! glad riley's set for a while.

Melissa Everett said...

Boys are so different from girls! Trace is really good at geting shots. He tries so hard to be brave... and he usually only lets one or to tears roll down his sad face! Oh, the joys of motherhood!

Danielle said...

Fun times!!! Isn't it funny that when it is all done they have a big smile and show off the bandaids! Taylor did the same thing when it came to "that" appt! I have to take Aidan and Josie on Tues. That should be fun.

QueenCherine said...

Shots are just annoying to get but at least Riley is done for a while..Thats sweet! Chloe is funny!

Farnsworth Family said...

What is it with girls and their love of band-aids? Sounds like your girls do much better than most when it comes to shots. Last time Jessica got one, it took 3 nurses and me to hold her down!

Lewis Family said...

Does it ever make you tear up or anything when they have to get shots?? I sometimes think I will, but I have no idea.

Cherise said...

Riley has Marc beat! How can I get this kid to put on wieght, I swear his Doctor is going to think I do not feed him! I swear, and I know for a fact he eats way more than Riley!
They are growing up so fast!