Friday, May 30, 2008

My little reader

I am so proud of Luke! On his first day at his new school he was tested in reading. Since he hadn't really gotten there yet in his old school, he tested as an "emergent reader." Well, he ( and we) have worked our buns off the last couple of weeks, and he was retested today and is now a "level 2" reader, which is above grade level! WOHOOO! He teacher is quite impressed, as are we. I love his excitement and willingness to try new things. Good job buddy!
We celebrated by taking him to the mall to play in the play area and got a pretzel and frozen lemonade. (It was just too hot outside for me today!)
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Melissa Everett said...

Good Job Luke! I love that pic he looks like he is seriously concentrating!

Jodie said...

I knew he could do it...he's a smart boy!

Jamie said...

good job luke (and mom&dad)!!
pretzel and frozen lemonade...what a great reward.

Mikki said...

Great job Luke!!!

Mandi said...

He looks like he's concentrating so hard...great job Luke!

Jana said... worries about him! Get that kid some book orders!!!