Friday, October 26, 2007

The cutest thing

When I got home from "girls night" dinner tonight, I checked on my little darlings and this is how I found Riley. (That is her Book of Mormon if you can't see it.) Her and Luke have been wanting their own Book of Mormon, they always fight over mine and Darren's scriptures. So today we got them their very own. Luke was quizzing her in the car about scripture stories. It was just the cutest thing. It really made me so proud, I seriously was almost balling.

Chloe was still awake so she had to get on her sister's bed and visit for a while. Riley never even flinched, not even when Chloe was jumping on the bed.

She had to have her turn!
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Sarah Goodsell said...

That's so cute. i think I would have cried. It really is sweet.

QueenCherine said...

Oh that means your a good Mommy because your kids are scripture savvy!!! That is darling though!

Urry Family said...

You are such a good mommy-that says a lot about you. You are the best!