Friday, December 7, 2007

Girls night

We have started a new enrichment group in our ward. A girls night out group. Last night was our first one. About 10 of us went out to the District and had dinner at Lucille's. All through dinner we kept commenting on how different conversation is when it's all girls. It was great to have all adults at the dinner table. We did a little shopping, but unfortunately the mall closed at nine. Some of the girls wanted to continue shopping but a few needed to get home. I had driven so I headed home. The others had persuaded me to come back out and play. After some pushing from Darren, I headed to the Desert Passage at about 10 pm. Crazy, I know. I'm so glad I did though. It was so nice to be out with everyone and just have adult conversation. Plus I got some Ben and Jerry's that I had been craving all night. A big thanks to my mom for watching my kids so I could get out. I feel a little less stressed out now. Jamie Braithwaite was the only one with a camera, check her blog for pics.


Mandi said...

I totally need a girls night out...Im glad you had fun. Everyone needs a break from the kids and the boys once in a while ;o)

Kata said...

I am so so sosososooooo glad that you came back. You really make the party!! You have the best- contagious smile around! luv ya!