Thursday, January 10, 2008

Luke's parent / teacher conference

I know it is just Kindergarten, but I must say, my son rocks Kindergarten! Yesterday, Luke came home from school saying he didn't want to go meet his teacher with me. This worried me a little thinking maybe he knew it was gonna be bad. No, my son is just a little worrier like his mom. He has done so well so far ,this year! As his teacher was going over the testing they had done in October, every time she would say he did well, he would let a big sigh of relief out. It was the funniest thing! He only missed 2 or 3 questions on the entire thing! He has such a great teacher and I can see why he is doing so well. I hope this continues as he grows older.
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Mandi said...

Wow - Great Job Luke!
Thats funny that he was anxious but did SO well. That was totally me in school.

Jodie said...

Good boy Luke! I knew you would be the "Good student" type!

Jamie said...

Doesn't it make life so much easier when you have good students?
Good job Luke.

jamieBEE said...

great job!!! that one deserves to go on the fridge!

Melissa Everett said...

Good Job Luke! Doesn't it make you feel like you have done something right when your kids do well in school. Got to love that!

Michelle said...

He probably loves school too. That's great.

I wonder if those progress reports and testing are something new in the district. When I taught Kindergarten we had to do assessments then check off if they were below, average or exceeding the standard. That's a lot more detailed.

the boyd family said...

yeah! go luke!!!

Cherise said...

Good job Luke! I am so proud of you. Can you please come talk to Marcos about this school thing!

Mitch said...

I am so proud of those smart Mecham's----Momma, Daddy, and of course The Lukester!
Keep up the great work Mecham's. Twelve and a half more years to go kiddo!
(And that's just Luke's K-12 schooling!) many more children do you want?

Roger will be in Vegas (buiness trip) this Tuesday through Saturday. He would love to see y'all, and give those kids hugs and kisses. In fact, don't think that he has been out to see your house.
No, I can't get off of work. Besides, I've got to stay home and shovel snow!
GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!