Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So Melissa tagged me and it's taken a few days, but here it is.

10 years ago I was...
I was a junior at Las Vegas High School. I was in student council and had quit playing sports this year so I could have a job. I worked at the Gap after school and on Saturdays. I never made any money, but I acquired a pretty large closet. I drove an '84 blazer that I absolutely hated. Darren and I had been dating for about 8 months. I loved hanging out and talking on the phone with my girlfriends as much as possible.

Snacks I enjoy...
Pretty much anything sweet that's bad for you. I've always loved ice cream and brownies. Cereal has been my latest snack right before bed. If I don't eat right before bed I wake in the middle of the night starving and can't get back to sleep.

5 things on my to-do-list today...
The day is almost over but:
-get kids to bed
-finish laundry
-post what we did today
-read my scriptures
-get kids clothes out for tomorrow

Things I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire...
-pay all debts
-give money to charities and to family and friends
-buy a culdesac and build a phat house for us and any friends and family that wanted to live there
-Put lots away and invest, save
-Put my kids in private school

3 of my bad habits...
-Spending too much time on the computer
-Twirling my hair

5 places I've lived...
-East side Las Vegas
-North West Las Vegas
-West(Summerlin area) Las Vegas
-North Las Vegas

5 jobs I've had...
-The Gap
-Shepherd Eye Center (Medical records clerk)
-Dr. Iroz ( dental assistant)
-Dr. Allen(dental assistant)

Things people don't know about me...
K, I'm boring and most of you know everything about me anyways.

-I love child birth and absolutely hate pregnancy. I would go through child birth without an epidural 10 times more if I didn't have to be pregnant for 10 long months. I hate my body not being mine and gaining weight after I've worked for so long to get my body the way I want it. I love the not knowing what to expect during labor. I love new little life being handed over to me. I love the feeling of knowing that new little life was just with our Heavenly Father.

- Love to check on my sweet little kids when they are fast asleep. They just look so peaceful and beautiful. It makes me forget how much they drove me crazy that day and how grateful I am to have them.

-I've always loved being home by myself. It use to drive Darren crazy cause he grew up with such a large family. I don't enjoy it as much now that I have the kids, but a few times here and there is nice to do nothing in peace and quiet.

I tag...

Jamie C. , Nicole B. , Amanda S. , Danielle W. , and Aleisha G. if you're out there.


Mandi said...

I would TOTALLY do childbirth 10 times instead of pregnancy! I HATE being pregnant. (sorry if there is anyone who can't concieve and thinks that's selfish)

Thanks for meeting us today. The girls had so much fun, and its nice to have adult converation ;O) Let me know when you want to do it again...that park is totally worth the drive.

Cherine said...

Okay dido on child birth before pregnancy. And when you said you twirling your hair I had to laugh because I have visions of you doing that I think in Mr. Graffs class or Adams ( I don't recall which one). I remember trying to copy you but I didn't find it so amusing! Gosh I am a nerd!
Dang Missy I have known you a long time!

Michelle said...

I am totally with you on the eating cereal before bed. I had to eat a bowl every night while I was pregnant. See, there are good things about being pregnant:)

Aleisha said...

So what does it mean to get tagged?
I definitely remember having to eat something before going to bed or I would be starving, too.

the boyd family said...

oh i agree with you... give me childbirth any day over pregnancy for 40 weeks!!!

i also tip toe into my girls' rooms to peek on them while they sleep, it reminds me to be a better mom tomorrow.

Melissa Everett said...

Cereal is always my late night snack! I love cereal! Thanks for doing that... it was kinda fun to think back! I remember you twirling your hair in My Larocco's class!! Yeah, I could never do it like you either... I'm a nerd too!!

Aliesha, If you read this, I need your address, I went private on my blog. you can email it to me at

Mitch said...

Your Auntie Kim always twirled her hair. She got such a kick out of seeing you do that, just like she did--without thinking about doing it! She loved you very much. I think that she's telling little Cole all about the wonderful Mom he will be blessed with. Perhaps she told Riley too much about you though, as that girl is a lot like you!