Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flashback Saturday & progress on the move

SENIOR PROM! Isn't this hilarious. Cheryl Rose (who was our YW pres. at the time) dug this picture out recently and had Britt give it to me. I can't believe it's been 9 years! Yes, I was immodest and my hair was bad, I know. It was a fun night though.

Back to reality. It has been a rough week. We are almost all the way packed up. I have a bunch to do on Monday still, just because I can't handle certain things being out of use. My body hurts and we've not even got much done. I hate that I can't bend over or sit on the floor or really work as hard as I would like. I've just been frustrated! I've had to bite my lip (hard) several times as I've looked around the house so I don't cry. I'm really sad and just emotional about leaving. I hope it has to do with my hormones.
We've hit a few bumps along the way...
-The painter is busy, looks like we're painting ourselves the rest of the weekend.
-The carpet can't be installed till Thurs., we're moving in on Tuesday.
-I guess we won't be unpacking till Thursday night or Friday.
I really don't mean to be such a downer! I know this is something we need to do and I will be fine, I just need a little time. I am so grateful for every ones words of encouragement and offers to help us. We have such great friends!

On a good note... We got to get away last night for a break and have dinner at CPK with the Leavitts. I haven't been in a mall for a while. It was late so we only got to go in one store, but it was nice. We went over to Bellagio afterwards for Gellato and some people watching. It's a good place to see some funny stuff.
I was able to get pre-registered at the hospital last night too. I think it's dumb to have to do. It makes me excited that we are getting closer to seeing our little boy.
Some other randomness:
-Chloe has learned what a temper tantrum is. She knows the color pink and yellow. Ariel is her fav princess now and she can sing just like her.
-Luke wants a puppy for the move. Well, he's wanted one for a while. What's sad is that I might just give in. The clippers weren't working right today and he is now bald. He is still my handsome though!!
-Riley told me today she wants to do chores. WOHOO!!
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Amanda said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry...that is awful! It brought back tons of fun memories though!!! Good luck with the move! Let me know when I can help and how!!!
-Cason says I should have gone with him!!!

Mandi said...

Oh Man! Im so sorry you have to do all of that so pregnant...Id totally offer to help, but Im not much help. It takes all I have to do everyday stuff now. BUT...if you need a break and want to hang out or go to the park, that I can do :o) Good luck girl!

Anamarie said...

Her there, the uniforms are like this: blue pants (they discourage jeans), blue shorts (same-non-jeans), cacki pants or shorts-knee length. Shirts are collared, light or dark blue and white. They sell all this stuff at Falles Paredes it's a spanish store but they prices are nice. Walmart has some but not a big selection like the other store.

Madison was ready for school. We tried to get her into the pre-school classes but they never let her come because she already knew the information they were teaching. But she LOVES all day kindergarten, and I must say, SO DO I.
Good luck with the new baby, see you soon.

the boyd family said...

did you graduate in 99, is that what i see on the picture? me too. seems like forever go. i went immodest too, in fact my dress looked VERY similar to yours.

glad the move is coming along, sorry things are timing as well as you'd like. i am sad that you guys are leaving, but i'm really happy to know that i can still staulk your family through your blog. :) seriously, call me this week. let me help, maybe take a kid or two off your hands.... :)

my suggestion, (sorry) get a dog. maggie drives me nuts but the girls adore her. maybe try the shelter, one that's already potty trained will make your life easier :)

Jodie said...

oh girl. I'm so sad that we've been out of town. I'll call you. We'll talk about a good day where we can be the most help and get a sitter. it's just your emotions...i think this is about the time in my pregnancy where every little thing in my house is driving me crazy...and well...yours is all packed up.

Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

okay that pictures is hilarious!! I hate moving too, it will all work out in the end hang in there.

CA Cecils said...

Wait!!! Don't we have to sign a release in order for our picture to appear on someones blog. I do remember that day and it was actually very fun. I think that I asked for free refills at Tillermans and that was uncouth. Funny! I still did not catch the area you are moving to but maybe you do not want to announce on the blog because it is too ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Hey Missy, you guys are in luck. We have a wonderful puppy for you to have for Luke. Let me know, Drew

Missy said...

I commented on your blog a while ago, it must not have worked!
I was hoping that picture would bring you out of lurking!
We are going to be near Fremont Middle School, except closer to the Stratosphere. It's pretty scary. But hey, for the price, we can handle a year! We'll be closer to you, we'll have to get togehter!

Mikki said...

Sorry it was such a rough week! I hope the week ahead will be a bit better. :>)

Melissa Everett said...

That picture is so funny! Love it! Let me know if you need any help! or just a sholder to cry on! Im here!

Mandi said...

Hey you.. that looks like a fun night. I can totally come help you if you need. Whatever you need. Yes, it is hard moving, and being pregnant. I can't even imagine. It's got to be hard. i am thinking about you.. Let me know what I can do.. I think i sent you my phone number in the email.. it's a cell phone.. so call me.. I can listen to you if that's all you need.

Tianna said...

I feel your moving pain but I have a little more time. I remember that dance. Too bad you are missing me and Aleisha! So tomorrow is the big day. It will be nice to be done with it when the baby comes though. You should be moved all in unless this puts you into labor!

Cherine said...

I'm sorry! The dust will settle soon. That picture cracked me up. Sadly I think I was always immodest too. It reminds of me having my license picture taken with me in a wife beater. Sadly that was the one I took on my mission and my district got a hold of it and were cracekn up. I was embarressed.

Lewis Family said...

Yea that picture is pretty good!! I feel horrible that you are having to move while being pregnant. That has got to be hard and make you really tired!