Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day didn't go as I had planned, but what else do you expect as a MOM? Saturday night I did get to have a pedicure which was great, and got some things from the mall. It was too bad the kids were with and Chloe spilled a whole cherry lemonade on me!
Saturday night I never got to bed. I started in early labor that lasted a few hours. I didn't want to go to the hospital cause I really wanted my Mother's day. Luckily the contractions ended at 6am. We still got up for early church. Luke made me a PB & J sandwich when we got home. Darren gave me a certificate for a massage. Shortly after that Luke came down with the flu I had two days prior. Poor guy! We then found out my mother in law came down with it at about the same time. So we weren't able to go out to dinner which I was planning on, or go visit Linda and the rest of the Mechams.
I did end up taking the girls to visit Grandma Great and my mom for a bit. The girls were excited to see them!

I wanted to let all 3 of the mom's in my life, (mom, g-ma and Linda) how much I love them and look up to them! Thanks for all you guys do!!
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Amber and Co. said...

Your mom is so great! I miss her and her great smile and spirit!

Whew! I'm glad your contractions calmed down! Take it easy. (Easier said than done, right, with 3 kids and moving into a new house). I think it's so sweet that Luke made you a PB&J sandwhich.

Mandi said...

1cm already!?!?!
Take it easy! Easier said than done with three other kids hu?

gotta love the PB&J, so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. that's not crazy!! you probably did too much when you moved. I hope you can take it easy!! and rest. That is sweet that your son made you a PB&J sandwich.. i can't wait.. someday! At least you got to see your mom and gma.. you look great by the way.. I would sooo love a pedicure. that is nice, and a massage, very nice!!

Mitch said...

Hey, I love the picture of those Lapp/Mecham Women! You look great. You all look great!
I wish we lived closer. I called Mom to wish her a happy day right as you drove away....Darn, it would have been nice to wish you a happy Mom's Day too!
Hang in there...and keep that little guy comfie for a few more weeks.