Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Riley's busy day

Riley's preschool class took a little field trip to Albertson's this morning. It was so much more fun than I had imagined it would be. I'm glad I got to go with her.

This is Buddy, our tour guide I guess you could call him. He is just the sweetest Grandpa. You can tell he just loves the kids. He took them through several parts of the store to see how it all works. He also hooked them and us moms up with some goodies.

In the bakery section, decorating a cup cake.

Pretty self explanatory. Only a few of the boys would touch him.

I think that is the manager on the left. We only met him for the picture. They were all so nice to us and spent so much time with the kids. Now, if they could all behave as well as they did today when we actually do go grocery shopping, that would be nice!

So, I say Riley's big day because after the Albertsons, she had another little "field trip" to the ER. Yeah, I know, not too surprising with that girl.
I finally get a chance to lay down on the couch and her and Chloe are dancing to Little Mermaid music, when Chloe jumps off the couch into Riley's arms. Ry falls flat back on her head, with Chloe on top of her. Now, we just got new carpet, but we got the cheapest pad. Yeah, totally heard her head bang! When Darren picked her up we think she blacked out for a second. She then got really pale. It was scary. I know kids do this all the time, but I still called her Dr. He said to take her to the ER. She is just fine now, they didn't even need to do a CT.
Never a dull moment with us! What am I gonna do with 4??
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Mikki said...

Oh my gosh! How scary for you. I'm glad she's ok. We tore our carpet up a few years ago, and painted the cement. Now, with the babies, we've just put a large carpet remnant down-no padding. They've banged their heads a time or two, but thankfully not from any great height. Hopefully we'll get actual carpet and padding soon.
So glad she's alright.

Mandi said...

Something ALWAYS happens when I try to take a break too. Although not the ER------yet :o)

All that excitement is not so good to keep you from early labor!

the boyd family said...

oh my goodness! i'm glad she's okay. seriously, never a dull moment!

you got a really great pic of the lobster! had fun seeing you today :)

Anonymous said...

wow... what a busy day for you.. that would be scary. i would have totally taken my kid to the ER also. I am glad she had fun at the Albertsons.. Try and get some rest..

Melissa Everett said...

I am so glad she is ok! That is so scary! Hey, I wonder if Buddy would be willing to take your kids and keep them busy for you when you go grocery shopping!... Daycare at the grocery store... what an idea! they have daycare at the casinos.... why not at albertsons too!

Nicole Manuele said...

Oh my, I'm glad she is ok. Poor girl!

Jamie said...

our field trip to albertsons was not nearly that exciting.

glad riley's ok. how scary.

Erin said...

When it rains it pours! As you already know! You will be a great mom of 4! However, I am always available for a good cry and icecream! I will even come get you from the ghetto! After all I did attend Rancho and I feel like those are my peeps! LOL

Jodie said...

Oh Missy,
I'm so glad Riley is okay. What is it with that girl. Maybe you should keep her in a padded room.

That's so fun that you were able to go on the field trip. I hate going to the grocery store...but maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't having to buy groceries.

Sheri said...

It is a good thing for health insurance for your family. That Riley is one tough chick.

Kim & Bryan said...

it looks like alot of fun...i remember going to a grocery store for a field trip too.

Ariane said...

How scary about Riley! I'm glad she's okay!

Amanda said...

That is scary...her field trip looked like fun. They always do neat things!!!