Monday, June 2, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Today was Riley's preschool graduation, well kind of, she still has another year of preschool. I guess we could call it a program. The kids sang a bunch of songs that they have been working on all year. They all did such a great job. It's the first one I've been to where they all actually sang.

Riley and Mrs. Tate. We sure are going to miss her. With us moving across town, Ry can't go to her preschool next year. We'll have to come and visit.

Afterwards we went to Peter Piper's with the Mohlmans. The kids always have a good time there.
Then we went to Uncle Kim's house to swim. It was a perfect swim day, it was so hot!
We were all so exhausted when we got home. We haven't had such a fun filled day in a while.
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Wilcox Crew said...

How fun! Haylee sat on my lap during her entire graduation... oh well, she still has one more year of preschool, so maybe next time. Cute pics!

the boyd family said...

it was so cute, wasn't it? riley looked adorable in her little dress. remember the Christmas program, how no one sang... what a difference!??! i'm trying to figure out how i can put some of the video matthew did on the blog- that's what's taking me so long. i might settle with just some pics i took.

(hope to see you sunday, darren told matthew it was a definite possibility!!!)

Sheri said...

They did an awesome job this time. The bribing worked from Mrs.Tate. Thanks for going with us to peter pipers. The kids always like hangin with you guys.

Mandi said...

How cute!! You little girl is so beautiful. How fun. That will be exciting next year when she does her other graduation.

Jen said...

their little programs are so fun to watch. looks like the same dress grace wore for hers just the other color... lol.

i noticed they have the same swimsuit again this year too...haha.

Krishelle said...

Avery asks about Riley all the time! Aunt Brit needs to have another sleepover!
Hope you're feeling well!