Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick St. George trip / update

We took a quick trip up to St.George Sunday morning for a friends baby blessing. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I took...on the way home on Monday.

It was rough driving an hour and a half just to get to church to sit for another hour and a half. The kids did pretty well.
We then ate lunch with the family and friends who also attended. It was now 2:30 and we couldn't check into our condo till 4:30 and the kids were over exhausted by now.
We went to the Gubler's house to visit them and their cute kids. They have a boy Luke's age, a girl Ry's age and another girl pretty close to Chloe's age. Perfect!
They played hard! The adults got to catch up and laugh about old times. My kids, well, Chloe got into trouble about every 2 minutes. Sorry my kids are so crazy Aleisha!!
Went with them for Sunday dinner at the rest of their family's house. It was so yummy!
The kids played some more out in the front yard with a few more kids. Something my kids never get to do. They loved it and learned how to play Red Rover. It was so cute to watch.
Finally checked in to our place at about 8pm. We were all over exhausted by this point.
The kids bathed and got into bed. They all slept pretty well. Forgot the pack and play so we made a bed in the closet for Cole. I hate putting babies in bed with us, it freaks me out.
Monday we hung out and got ready to go. Had lunch and a yummy shake at Ice Berg.
Headed home.
The kids thought it was a great little getaway. Easy to make them happy!
Darren liked it so much, he's thinking about relocating us to St. George next year. I told him we'd toss it around for a year and see.

We went to dinner at the Yard House at Town Square later last night. Got some frozen yogurt and saw Get Smart. It was so funny!

Today I had my 4 week visit with Dr. Martin. I lost 20 pounds, which I'm pretty happy with. I can start back at the gym tomorrow, YAY! I hope I can get the rest of the weight off soon! My BP is still high. We're gonna watch it for another 2 weeks. If it doesn't get better he will put me on meds. Unfortunately, genetics maybe taking over.
Went swimming for the rest of the afternoon. We are getting really dark these days!
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Mikki said...

I love St. George!! I lived there quite a bit when I was growing up. I wouldn't mind moving back there some day. I think the St. George temple is my favorite.
Wow! 20 pounds already. I think I've gained 20 pounds since I gave birth last year. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

I also love st. george, but don't know if i want to live there. 20 pounds huh? that's great. I hope your feeling great. Have fun at the Gym. I am so not a gym person. Enjoy!! sounds like your kids did a great job in the car, and in the condo.. They are cute!!


You have been busy! I don't know how do it all with a brand new baby, plus 3 others-your Super Mom! Sorry about Chloe-that's scary, I hope she feels better soon! I need to come see that baby-he is so cute!

Kata said...

St george is a sweet place to make a quick get away! And we would love a girls trip. ONLY... we are going out of town Saturday night... for a week... so after? but if you don't wait, no worries!

Jilene said...

sounds like fun. we miss making trips to st. george. congrast on the weight loss. i hope it's that easy for me too! keep sending pics. i love seeing them!

The Foulgers said...

You are so busy, I love it, I wish I was more like that! I'm excited you get to go back to the gym. Although, I think you already look amazing!

Melissa Everett said...

20 lbs already! Good job! I have been wanting to move to ut also... just for the weather!! But if I do than then I would have to relocate a lot of family and friends that I cannot live without!

anna banana said...

St George is a great place, so perfect for a getaway, I am not sure if I could live there, but sometimes I wish I could. It is just so pleasant, and slow. I like slowness sometimes.

Jodie said...

Tell Darren moving to St. George is OUT OF THE QUESTION...please tell him that for me. You can visit...but you can't stay...no way!

Aleisha said...

I am so glad you came to visit. I had so much fun. My kids had a blast, too. That would be awesome if you moved to St. George!

Michelle said...

My husband would move us to St. George too if I let him.

Cole looks so cute in the 4th of July picture! He still looks like a newborn.

Mitch said...

So, how far is St. George from Cedar City? Lauren's SUU orientation is in 39 days....can you believe it? I'm already losing sleep, but I know that Lauren will thrive in the Utah environment! I hope that she continues to investigate the church. She's so excited to live closer to “my side” of the family.
Speaking of family, who are those children you keep taking pictures of? They can't be yours cuz yours are still babies! The kids in your photos are sooo much older than I remember! The girls have totally lost their baby-looks! And of course, Luke is Luke...He seems to be ageless; he just grows longer legs in each picture. Cole is gorgeously beautiful! BTW, boys don't turn "handsome" until kindergarten, when they’re savvy to gender complements!
Do you remember the 4th of July when we went to Moapa to set off fireworks? Someone started a gulch on fire and Matt, Andrew, Adam, & Zach went to check it out. They rushed back to the van because they heard rattle snakes buzzing to get away from the flames. I've never seen those boys run or talk so fast! Matt’s eyes were as big as saucers! He was convinced that the snakes were on his tail! Steve and Lauren talk about that trip every 4th of July; along with our last picnic in Lee Canyon with Auntie Kim.
ROGER’S WORDS OF WISDOM: Time flies like the wind, and fruit flies like bananas!
Please take more pictures of kids playing in and outside the house. I’m having a hard time picturing your ghetto.
We send our love to the Mechams!

Jen said...

Missy I don't know if you remember me but I am Darren's cousin Jen Liston. I was so excited to find that you have a blog! You sure have a cute family and it is growing fast. I haven't seen you guys in a long time before you were married I think. Tell Darren that I said Hi and that I think it is a wonderful idea for you guys to move to St.George! Maybe we would get to see more of you guys. We are living in Escalante right now and we live in Grandma and Grandpa Mecham's house. Is anyone coming this way for the 24th? Anyway it was so good to see pictures of you guys and to hear that your doing well!!!