Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

It wouldn't be 4th of July without a BBQ and a swim at Kim and Kathy's house. The kids and I had a blast. Ry learned how to swim and no fear Chloe was trying. I didn't even talk to Luke, he was always under water. Darren worked till 6 so I was exhausted just trying to make sure Chloe didn't drown.
We then headed to Machelle's for fireworks. We planned on only staying a bit since Darren needed to be up at 4:30 for work the next day and my little swimmers were exhausted.

The few pics we got of Luke look like this. His poor eyes hurt from the pool.

The only pic of Cole. I couldn't get all 4 of them together and definitely not a posed picture.

Luke helping Darren. He is still very cautious, which I am glad for.

Chloe with her first sparkler. I didn't think I needed to reiterate that it was fire and hot. She tried to grab it and then it slid down her arm. It burned her shirt and burned a little on her chest too.
We ran her in the house and got her fixed up. Randy did a good job getting her fixed up. There is more about this in the next post.

We ended up staying much later than we had planned.

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Farnsworth Family said...

Totally scary! I can't believe what a little sparkler can do. I think we will ban them from our next 4th of July celebration too. Aren't they considered "safe and sane?"

Mandi said...

I love Cole's little outfit. Luke looks like he is ready for sleep :o)

Mandi said...

I love Cole's little outfit. Luke looks like he is ready for sleep :o)

Mikki said...

oh my gosh! How awful!! Hope she's feeling better. I have never liked sparklers. they just scare me too much, rightly so I guess.

Nicole Manuele said...

I can't believe a sparkler did that. We won't be using those anymore, that's really scary. Poor little thing.

anna banana said...

glad you guys had a good fourth, it always ends up later then planned huh?

Anonymous said...

I love your little family. They are very cute!! SOunds like you had a great 4th, other then the owie!! :( how sad. Ours was later then planned also. Seems to always end up that way.

Cherine said...

Poor Chloe oh my gosh. Congrats on the weight loss girl is will fall off quickly you'll probably sweat it off it is so hot there! Hey comin to town and we are going to dinner sat. Call Meliss for details. We are leaving in a few hours!!! Yea!!

Mitch said...

Ooh-ouch! We’re sorry about little Chole's burns. They look awful; it must have been painfully traumatic for everyone!
Chloe certainly was lucky that her clothes and hair didn't start on fire; it could have been so much worse! I shutter to think of the "worse"!
When Roger and I were on Dousman’s fire department we saw a lot of "worse" due to sparklers....they are not toys. You can’t believe how many calls we responded to the week of July 4th. We too banned sparklers when the kids were little. In fact, the kids never really got “into” them as they got older; all it takes is one blister for kids (and parents) to realize that looking is better than touching! Take it from 2 ex-firefighters: Lessons with fire are the toughest ones to learn.
You should put vitamin E oil on Chloe’s burns many times a day; it will minimize the pain and scarring.
Kiss the kids for me.