Friday, August 1, 2008

Family time

(I almost didn't post this photo. I don't get my son's choice in jammies. I swear he has plenty that fit him.)

Last night Darren thought it would be fun to have a little picnic in the living room while watching a Disney Movie. He grilled some hot dogs and we had some tater tots and watched Alice and Wonderland. It was nice to do something different. Chloe actually sat for most of the movie!

On Monday night we had the Swinns and Meltons over for dinner and FHE. We just did something easy and age appropriate. We sand "Popcorn Popping" , colored some trees and glued some popcorn onto them. We then made some Carmel corn for dessert. I think the kids had a good time together. The adults did too.

Riley had to go to the Dr. yesterday. She's obviously been doing too much of this...
She has a combo of swimmer's ear and an infection. We're gonna have to keep her out of the pool for a few days, and then when she does get back in she can't go under. It's funny, you can tell this is the first summer she is actually swimming on her own.

- I've gotten brave and have been going out by myself with all 4 kids. Like to the Dr. yesterday. I'm really starting to get annoyed with all the comments I get for having 4 kids. Some are, " are you crazy?" "you have your hands full." "are you old enough to have that many kids." There are several more but I'll spare ya. I've learned to stay, "Can't wait for school to get back in" (pretty much just so I'll only have 2 or 3 kids with me.)

-Cole has been doing so well with sleeping at night. I don't want to jinx it, but he has slept from 9:30 pm to 5:30 am and then going back to bed till 8:30 am. Daytime sleep is another thing, some days he fights naps all day long. How do they learn that so early?

-We are blessing Cole on Sunday, I love this, it's such a special day for our family.

I'm excited that Darren and I get to go on a date tonight! We haven't been able to for a couple weeks.
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Mandi said...

What about "are they all yours?" or "I don't know how you do it. God bless you" Kind of annoying hu? I hear it with three, I can only imagine how many times you hear it with 4.

Poor Riley...cant go under?! Good luck with that girl :o)

Mikki said...

Fun dinner idea. Kids love it when you do stuff like that.
Yeah, I don't get the comments either. You'd think kids were a crime or something sometimes. I read a blog post the other day by this lady with 6 kids. some lady was totally rude to her, making comments about contraception and on and on. It's hard to bite your tongue sometimes.

Melissa Everett said...

Oh my goodness... people need to mind thier own! Seriously! I hate when people say stuff to people they dont know! Did you tell them there are 11 kids in your husbands family! They would probably fall over! Ha! Good idea with the picnic in the living room!

Amber and Co. said...

I like your FHE idea, I'll have to use that for our family. I get the "wow, you must have your hands full" comments ALL the TIME. So annoying. I just grin and say, yes I do! I can't wait for Tyler to start preschool in one month! :)

The Foulgers said...

You are always so amazing to me! You are always on the go, or doing something fun with your kids! You should tell people the reason you have 4 kids, is that you are an awesome mom!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I love the picnic in the living room idea. How fun!! People really need to watch what they say, they can be rude and really hurt peoples feelings. When my sister was pregnant, people would say stuff to her all the time like, are you almost due, or are you sure your not having twins. I swear. Your pregnant, good greif. Anyway, sorry for my tangent. But people need to be nice.

How fun for FHE. That is a great idea, and to do it with friends. How fun. I hope Riley feels better. Have fun tonight and I hope all goes well for the blessing.

themechams said...

So with our little blended family ours are aged 1 year apart each. Now when people ask me I proudly say..."yup 4 of em, 14, 13, 12 and 11" Most just look at me in disbelief and I am sure never to mention that two of them came along with Doug when we were married. :-)
hey we will miss you at camp this year, but our little Melissa Mecham will be up there this year so your name will be represented.

the boyd family said...

yeah, i don't like the comments either. i usually get the "oh 2 girls, are you pregnant with a boy? no? are you going to try for a 4th so you can have a boy?!" I HATE THAT! if we have a 4th, it's to have a 4th... not for a specific gender.

poor riley, that must be miserable... love your fhe idea! it's so hard with younger kids.

Carli, Mark, and Lana said...

You guys are are always coming up with something fun to do. I cant wait till Lana gets older so I can do some of them!

Farnsworth Family said...

People can be so annoying and not realize it. It would be great to hear how you respond to it. For a long time, when people kept asking "When are you going to have another one?" I would use the lame excuse that we were done. Now, I tell them the truth, "We haven't been able to get pregnant." That shuts them up pretty quickly and hopefully they think twice before saying it to someone else.
You have a beautiful family and should be proud of them!!! :)