Friday, September 12, 2008


When Luke was 2, I remember him coloring himself blue and saying he was Sulley. (Monster's Inc.)
I'm guessing little miss rotten here wanted to be the hulk?
I was only a few feet away from her, she is quick! Riley is no longer allowed to have markers out if Chloe is around.

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the boyd family said...

add scissors to that list too. we had a close call, luckily no hair lost, but kylie's can only use scissors when kacey's napping.

Anonymous said...

I bet that was fun to clean up.. what a day huh? Kids are so funny!

Mikki said...

It's amazing the areas their little arms can reach. love that scalp shot. She is a cutie though!!

The Foulgers said...

That girl is lightning quick. Love the pictures!