Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some funny stuff

I decided to give Cole a bath with the girls last night. I tried the bumbo, but it floats up. It was a quick one, but had enough time for Luke to grab the camera and get a shot. He wants to make sure we document Cole's life!
Riley says, "Cole can take a bath with us because he's just a little boy. Luke can't take one with us cause he's a big boy." Pretty smart girl.
Here's little miss after her bath trying to get a vitamin. Thank goodness for child safety tops! She is my only child that will climb on the counter tops. Yes, my lovely green counter tops. (Don't be jealous) She really is a monkey! I just love those little white buns!

You might think she just hangs out in this corner all day... She gets in here and pulls the cupboard out and says, "Uh a cheeseburger, uh chicken nuggets." Maybe we eat out too often.
We really do dress the girl. She likes to be nakie, and it's easier for the potty training.

Side note:
I've been informed at the gym daycare that no one likes the lady who kicked us out and the rest of the staff was upset about it. Phew, I was afraid we'd have to switch gyms.
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Anonymous said...

very cute!!! I love the comment about little boy and big boy.. haha!! Very cute. Her little buns are pretty cute. I think we all have pictures like that. :) What happened at the Gym? Fill me in.

the boyd family said...

i can't get over how much chloe is starting to look like a big girl and not just a little toddler anymore... she's looking more and more like riley!

Jamie said...

according to the kids, we have a mean lady at our gym too.
love the white cheeks. that is the sign of a very good summer.

Kim said...

I just love bath time pics. Cole looks so big already. Time just flies. I love Chloe's tan line, so darling.

Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

okay, that is hilarious putting the bumbo in the bathtub. Your kids are so cute. how fun.

Mitch said...

What the heck is a bumbo? I don't think we have them in Wisconsin; but we do have bubblers!

Mitch said...

Oh, I get it....I think Chloe's white "bumbo" is cute too! :)

Melody said...

I love white booties with sun tanned legs, so cute! My girlfriend just bought one of those bumbos and loves it! yes, I guess its a guy thing with the getting dressed, he always finds the strangest combinations for shirts and pants! Funny thing is most of the time I put the clothes in their drawers together with their counterparts (such as shirts with shorts) and still hes not so good...lol:)