Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Darren!

We had to start the day off with getting his Birthday pin from City Hall at Disneyland. He didn't want to get one, but it's the only way he could get his free tortillas!
Riley and Luke took him in to get it so he wouldn't look too silly going in by himself.
It was great all day long to hear all of the workers wish him a happy birthday. It was even funnier to hear Cason yell happy birthday loudly across the park to him!

Darren is such great Dad for spending his Birthday at Disneyland... He does love the place, maybe more than the kids, but still, it is a crazy, stressful and tiring day.
He had to run to get his tortillas before the park closed. Success!! Riley was trying to snatch em up. He did share, they were yummy!

We met Cherise and Mando and kids at Red Robin for dinner. Here's his song and ice cream from the waiters and waitresses. Don't you love the table in the back getting into the celebration with us?

They even brought him a balloon. Quite hilarious! Once again, Riley was trying to swoop in on his treat.
I hope you had a great day babe... I love you tons!!! Happy b-day!!
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Aleisha said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. Happy Birthday Darren!

Just Too Swift said...

What a fun birthday. Happy Birthday Darren!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!
and how fun that he got to spend it at disneyland.

Kara said...

I'm so dang jealous. Disneyland has got to be my favorite place ever, and I love watching the kids have such a good time there. Glad you guys had fun! Happy b-day Darren!