Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Cal trip day 3, Disneyland day 2

It's late and I'm tired... I posted these backwards...
Started in Fantasy land and did almost all of the rides there. Chloe was my buddy for most of the rides. (She must love me since I take her to the potty every 10 minutes.)
Darren got a little queasy after riding the tea cups. Cason and I sat this one out with the babies.
Chloe got to ride the Matterhorn for the first time with everyone. Rode it twice because there wasn't a line. Darren said she held her arms up the whole time and just screamed the roller coaster scream the whole time.
She is just like her brother, she loves the park guides.
Riley, Chloe and Ella got to see the princesses.
We did a ton of rides at Disneyland and then headed to the other park for some of the biggest corn dogs on earth.

Got to ride the new Toy Story ride... It was super fun!
While the Dads and big kids rode Tower of Terror, we watched the Pixar parade again. (This time out of reach from the water.) Snuck over to the candy store for a yummy little treat.

The poor boys... It's sad that they spent most of the day like this. Good thing they are such mellow babies!! It was quite warm today, which made Cole a little mad. He hung out in just a diaper for a bit.

Amanda and Cason left for Vegas tonight. We had such a nice time with them!
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Wilcox Crew said...

Looks like such a fun time (but lots of work! Cute pictures - Disneyland is the best!

the boyd family said...

missy, how on earth do you look so cute and well put together IN DISNEYLAND? give me an hour there and i'm a mess :)

Anonymous said...

your family picture is so adorable.. I love it. Especially with dumbo.. hehe!! You looked beautiful. Happy Birthday to darren.

Jamie said...

gotta love the super big, super expensive corn dogs. ;)
looks like so much fun.