Friday, October 24, 2008

Last Day of Vacation

We have never stayed until Thursday on past trips, but this time we decided to so we weren't driving home dead tired from a full day of Disneyland. We had planned on just taking our time and just heading home. We are suckers though and took the kids back so we could do a few things that we didn't get to. Luke thought he would just die if he didn't get to do the Jedi Training. Cole and I took him there early to get a spot while Darren and the girls rode Haunted Mansion.

I am so glad that he got picked. He was so cute and did a good job! He enjoyed it I think.
We ended up with good seats in the shade. Darren ended up getting there right as it started and they wouldn't let him into the area I was in. They had to sweat it out in the sun. It was even hotter than the day before had been minus the wind. It was a Vegas day.
They rode the Matterhorn again.

We then went to see Mickey so Luke could get his autograph for his new book.
I had been wanting to get a picture in front of the big pumpkin all week long, but every time we had passed it seemed like someone was always sleeping, grumpy or filthy. We bribed them with a churro for a decent picture. Cole was asleep, but what can you expect with 4 kids?

The last churro of the trip. I hate to admit that with each passing trip I realize that my body cannot handle eating out for 5 days!

Such a cute little mess!
We headed for some gas and some Chick-Fil-A and we were on our way. It was later than we had hoped so we hit some traffic. The kids went to bed easily and we unpacked and started some laundry.
It was hard to get up today, but so nice to have our routine back. Now that Darren is working the day shift, he's decided to take the day following the vacation off. He was so tired this morning!! It was an exhausting trip, but so much fun and so worth it!
We will be back for Riley's b-day in December, so I need to start prepping for that one!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day to end the trip. Love the picture in front of the mickey pumpkin. I would love one. Glad you got it, great picture of your cute family!!