Thursday, November 20, 2008

Craft boutique

I went to the Behind the Picket Fence Craft Boutique last night. There was so much cute stuff! I had to post what I got so you all could go and check it out. There was so much more I wanted!

I am always just writing my menu down on a piece of paper that I put on the fridge and it ends up all scratched out and scribbled on by the end of the week. This is perfect

I wanted one of these last year but I could only find them with 4 or 5 pegs. I saw this one and snatched it up!

Cute necklaces for myself and my girls. They were supposed to be for Christmas, but Chloe found them and had to wear it. She was very pleased with it.

And of course a yummy gourmet carmel apple. Chloe was quite pleased with this also!

Here is the info:
481 Gold Sunrise
Las Vegas, NV 89110
Thursday -9am-9pm
Friday - 9am-9pm
Saturday - 9am-4pm
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Melissa Everett said...

i love the necklaces... I mean my sister did make them! so i am a little partial! I cant wait to go!! I love that menu board!

Me said...

I love those necklaces.. I am so going tonight.. Can't wait. I will probably spend too much money, but that's ok!! Thanks for sharing what you got.

Cherise said...

I love the menu board! SOOO cute. You make me want to go and find a craft fair just to go! Wish I lived closer and gone with. I'm glad you had fun and had you time!

P.s..I don't believe that Chloe was even interested in that sugary apple. She only eats organic! ;)

Ariane said...

I have been reading about this boutique everywhere lately. I'm so sad that I'm not in Vegas and can't go myself. You got some really cute stuff!

The Foulgers said...

Really cute stuff! Love the menu board!

Lindsey said...

thx for the info, im heading over tomorrow

themechams said...

Thanks Missy. You might spy the other Mechams girls wearing the same necklaces...:-)
Oh and since you have 'putting away for the rainy day' omn your mind lately you might want to head over to walmart food store. they have cream of chicken and cream of mushroom (Campbells brand) for .60 a can. Also for a quick buy, Sara Lee bread 1.50 with that purchase you get a 1.00 coupon for milk (it is hanging above the bread) The coupon is for 1.00 off on milk. So you get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk for 3.38. Not bad

Michelle said...

I love everything you bought! I want to try and go. I wish it wasn't so far though.

Cherine said...

I bought some cute stuff from there when I was in town. I spent too much money ;)

love the buys..

Wade and Jessica Heiselbetz said...

I wanted to go to that, but never made it. Looks like you got some cute stuff-I love the menu board. P.S. Sorry I never called you back the other day-I call you this week!

Brittney said...

Super cute! I was good...if that is what you want to call it!