Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He's 5 months

It just hit me tonight while this little guy was helping me cook dinner that we missed his 5 month post yesterday. The months just keep melting away! Why aren't the extra pounds he gave me melting away that quickly?

I've learned he is a tough one to photograph. He blinks at the worst time. He looks silly in a lot of pictures I've taken.
I have to admit he gets this from me. I'm such a spaz when it comes to this.

He is starting to play with toys. When he drops them he looks around for a second and then totally forgets about it.

We've been trying to get him to like solids for the last month or so to no avail. He did pretty well tonight, but he does enjoy spitting things out.
Most of the day he does the same thing with his spit. He has to wear a bib most of the day.
I think he is starting to teeth. Let's hope he's a good teether.
He's trying to scoot on his belly.
He still only rolls in one direction. He's like a turtle. He grunts at us to get him back over.
I had to bump him up to a size 3 diaper. I was afraid I would buy the humongo box at Costco in size 2 and he'd out grow them.
He's wearing 6-9 mo or 6-12 mo clothes.
He doesn't like the wind or cold.
He likes his blankie up near his neck, barely rubbing on his face.
He is so good and so quiet no matter where we are or what time it is. It seems like everywhere I take him I get asked if he is always this good. Yep! I'm so lucky!
I think one day Darren may leave him somewhere on accident. He forgets about him sometimes because he is so quiet. (Good thing I'm always with him.)
I've been trying to come up with a cool nickname for the kid the entire 5 months. Unfortunately, Coco has stuck. Chloe has called him that from day one. I realized it had stuck when a girl at the gym daycare greeted him with Coco.
Oh, I just love the smiles and loves I get from this cute boy! We are so happy to have him!!
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Mandi said...

i totally missed the 5 month post...ill just jump back in at 6 months i guess :o)

Sheree Flick Photography said...

Oh how fun to hear from you! How could I forget Luke-the cutie who shares my birthday! How is he doing in 1st grade?

I am hoping that this is my last year at preschool, we are wanting to add a little baby here soon!!! Your family is adorable, I will add you to my blog list and visit often!!! Great to hear from you! :) Tell Luke I say "HI".

Mandi said...

Oh how cute. He is just adorable.

the boyd family said...

no way, i can't believe it's been 5 months... he's so cute!

also, i've walked out the door w/o kadyn... had to go back in and get her. crazy but it's happened!

Anonymous said...

Hey Friend! How're you? I just wanted to thank you for the cute jumper/hooded outfit that you gave Blade and was wondering if you remember where you got it! I want a ton more if they're still around! Hope you're doing well.

Jilene said...

he is darling. how is the new house? are you enjoying the "new" side of town????

Michelle said...

I think it's funny the nicknames kids think of. Your post reminds me how fast time goes by! He's so cute.

The Foulgers said...

He is so adorable with those big blue eyes. And really where has the time gone? Love the nickname, that cracks me up! You look awesome by the way!