Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

My pictures are lacking this year. It was just too busy to even remember to pick up the camera. You can tell that Chloe and Cole are the kids that stick by me. Sorry Luke and Ry!!
After all day in the kitchen, we headed to visit my family at my grandparents house. We just had a little bit to eat there. I wanted to save room for Mecham's house. It was nice to see 3 of my cousins there, my parents, brother and his g-friend and my uncle, oh and of course my grandparents! While we were there my mom gave the kids each a new ornament. Chloe was so excited with her Aurora!(sleeping beauty)

Chloe at Mecham's. She loves the olives.

My mom and grandma. (my dad's mom)

My brother Matt and Cole.

Chloe with Aurora.

We then headed for the Mecham's home. The kids played while the Moms helped in the kitchen. Darren met us there after work. It was the off year to spend with the fam, but there still was a lot of us! The food was excellent! Luke kept coming back for more mashed and sweet potatoes! His belly was so hard! The movie was too late for us this year, so we will be going tonight when Darren gets off.

We all slept in late today and I'm declaring it a lazy day. We don't get many of those in a year!
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Jen said...

sounds like the perfect day filled with lots of family and food!!

and my look at your little bro... he's all grown up!

Jamie said...

oh my gosh, matt is all grown up. :)
glad you guys had a good thanksgiving.

Carol said...

I agree with the others-your brother is so grown-up. I guess that's what happens when years go by. Your mom looks wonderful--tell her I said she needs to start her own blog. :o)

The Foulgers said...

You had a busy day! I'm glad you were able to see so much family!

Mandi said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!! Looks like fun!! I wish i were on top of things like you are with updating the blog.. I need to get on mine.

Brooke said...

Ummmm I totally babysat your bro. That's weird! ;)