Thursday, December 25, 2008

Breakfast with the Mechams

The kids were super excited to go to Machelle's this morning. They love getting to show their cousins what Santa brought, and eat yummy waffles of course. Riley got another make up kit from Santa that she had to bring with her. This one is Hannah and it has sparkly eye shadows and lip glosses. I talked Luke into leaving the dog at home. Chloe just wanted to bring her dollar markers and notebook from her stocking.
Riley got as many people as she could convince into doing their makeup. I'll have to admit, she does a really good job. A little heavy on her own however.

Chloe wanted a picture with Amanda and then as soon as I went to take it she changed her mind.

I don't think she was tired at all...
She fell asleep in the car and then threw a tantrum when we got home. I convinced her and Ry to lie down with me and Ry fell asleep not Chloe. This is how we found her an hour later.

Today felt like the longest day ever!
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Michelle said...

What a nice Mom you are getting a dog. Does it feel like you have two babies now?

Glad you had a nice Christmas even if it was a tiring one.

Cherine said...

I am such a dog lover. I am really jealous! What a perfect Christmas you guys had! I love Ry's glitter makeup! I remember loving that stuff when I was her age!

Farnsworth Family said...

Looks like a fun and memorable Christmas! It is so much fun having lots of family in town. It keeps you busy, but it is worth it.

Mandi said...

What a fun morning.