Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The kids got to wear green today instead of their uniform blue or white. Luke was very excited about that. He came home and reported that they could only "air pinch" because pinching is against the rules.
I just had to get a picture of my cute little leprechauns.

Darren had me get in the mix. We tried for a few serious ones and then some silly ones.

Then we made some green rice krispie treats. I can always count on Chloe to help me out in the kitchen. I think she knows she gets to lick the spoon and have a sample. It doesn't really matter, I love having her help! And, why is it I could eat a whole pan of rice krispie treats? They are so addictive!
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the boyd family said...

so i must be retarded... i CANNOT make rice krispie treats. it's too gooey and doesn't take form, it never ends up right... email me your recipe... and big shut up if it's the one on the box because that's the one i follow :P

Mandi said...

Oh man, I forgeot to take pictures of our green. All of your look very very cute!

Driscoll Family said...

hey this has NOTHING to do with the cute pics, but we are doing another meal group...interested??? Stephanie

Jamie said...

that is pretty funny about the "air pinch". you all look great in your green. :)