Saturday, April 18, 2009

first soccer game of the season - Riley's first game ever

Typical picture of the Mecham kids. All 4 I took look the same!

Unfortunately Darren couldn't make the game today and both games were at the same time. We made it on time and all survived though!!
We have always thought Riley was such am aggressive kid. Well, not during the game! She was so funny! She would watch people on the sidelines as the ball would be rolling right past her. I don't think she touched the ball once.
The games for the younger kids are always so funny. I think the ball was out of bounds more than in.
She had a great time and that's all matters!

She is #9
I had to juggle both games. I need to have better timing next time. What I saw of Luke's, he did great! He is a great kicker and defensive player. He wants to play offense and gets down on himself about not being the best. I think he was great! Another parent even comment on how hard he kicks.
I did miss a funny little dance he did with one of the opposing players and I'm so sad about it!
I didn't get as many pics as I would've liked. It was too hard watching the little kids and the big ones.

It was a nice morning. Now off to a b-day party and try to fit a 9 mile run in somewhere. Wish me luck! We would like to meet up with friends at Town Square tonight, not sure if we can make it happen.
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Melody said...

you did a great job juggling both games.. and two kids! This is what I am looking forward to the most.. having my girls in sports! I cant wait!

Mandi said...

What a busy day!! They looked like they had fun playing. I hoe you were able to get everything done, the run and parties, and Town square, I was there tonight. haha!! Busy day! :)

the boyd family said...

it was really fun! thank goodness the weather's getting nicer, i don't think i could handle that wind again :)

Ron M said...

Some of the best players in soccer are the defense. If they put all the bad kids on defense the other team would score and your team would lose every game. The defenders are also responsible for feeding the ball to the forwards so that they can score. Keep up the good work and eventually you will have a chance to play all positions. My favorite position was defense, it gives you a chance to bring the pain... Let me know when your games are and we will come check it out.