Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Cherise, My Dad and Matt

Happy Birthday to the coolest, cutest, funniest, sista in law. Cherise is such a good Mommy to her boys and Aunt to my kids. She always down to play with them. I can remember staying at her house on one of our trips while I was pregnant with Chloe. She read the kids so many bed time stories, I ended up falling asleep first!
She is also the best person to help move into a house. She is just as OCD as I am! She was in town for a visit, but spent hours helping me organize closets and moving in our stuff.
The best story of how great Cherise is, when Riley moved out of our house and was gonna be Cherise's daughter. We tried everything we could to get her back, but she was set on moving to California with Cherise. We are so glad she finally changed her mind. But that obviously shows how fun she is! Happy B-day, we love you!

Today is also my Dad's Birthday. My kids call him "Pa" and love when he comes to play. Luke and Ry are always fighting over who gets to have a sleep over. Luke is so much like him it is funny.
Matt's b-day was on Sunday. Matt is my little brother and I will always look out for him and want what is best for him no matter how old he is. He will be such a good Daddy when their baby is born.
We had a little party for the two of them last night. We had a delicious dinner and two yummy cakes and some ice cream. Afterwards we watched some old videos of the kids. It was a fun night!
Happy Birthday boys, We love you!

I made them help me light their candles while we sang so the house wouldn't burn down. They had just barely gotten them all lit as the song ended. It was funnier in person I think.

We had a little practice run for his b-day. He dove in without even thinking about it. What a mess!


Mandi said...

What amazing family you have... Happy Birthday to all of them. I love the practice run with the cake with Cole. He loved it huh??