Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kennedy Space Center

My Noni insisted when we told him we were coming, that we go to the Space Center which is about 15 miles from his home. I went when I was about 6 so I didn't remember anything about it. It is much different now anyways.

You could really spend all day here. We saw all of the old space crafts. After having some lunch we went on a the tour bus that took us out to the looking dock for the launch pad. We could see the Atlantis that is on the pad already for its May take off.

Cole thought it was so cool that Noni got a stroller too.

This was when we came out of a little presentation in the first firing room, where they tracked the shuttle in 1962. It was so cool!
They showed video of the first take off, Cole loved it.

Here is the happy handsome boy. He was asleep before we even made it to the car. It was a very informative day!
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Cherise said...

Cole looks so diffrent everytime I see a new picture of him! What a cutie! I hope you are having tons of fun.
I am excited to see you guys next month!