Monday, May 4, 2009

The trip to Cali

We got to Irvine on Friday. Cherise and Mando were great to let us stay with them. It was a little crazy with 6 kids in one place, but it was nice to be able to spend lots of time with them.
It was nice not to have to be anywhere other than the race. We kind of just laid low. We ate lots of bad for you food, played at a couple different parks, watched Marc's baseball game, hit the swap meet, went to the pool, and heard lots of tattle telling. ha ha
Here is the girls' big find at the swap meet. I think they might be Mulan for Halloween. Well, Chloe at least.
Their umbrellas are already broken, which we knew would happen.
When we were paying for their outfits, Luke sees the girls trying them on and loudly says, "you look Chinese!" Cherise and I wanted to die.

I think they are just the cutest things!

Here is Cherise's big find at the swap meet. The ChamWow. It is the funniest thing. The guy selling him does his own experiment to show you how well it soaks up any liquid. You can even use if on humans, it says. She had to wash the window to prove to Darren that it really works.
This was the joke of the entire weekend. You had to be there.

The knuckle heads in the spa. It was a beautiful day. The kids got brave and went into the cold pool too. It was so nice to soak up the sun for a bit.

Bath time every night was a little crazy, but fun too. Can you see Cole trying to get in too?

This was today before we left. Marc had to bring flowers to his teacher for appreciation week. The girls of course had to have some too. Chloe has been such a stinker lately and hates having her picture taken. Here she is yelling at me.
We had such a nice time. I wish we didn't have to get back home for school. Thank you so much Cherise and Mando for letting my kids eat you out of house and home and for tearing it apart. We love you guys!! Can't wait for our next trip!


Mandi said...

what? no pre/post race pics? or is it commin on a seperate post?!

Ron M said...

That Reece sure can wash a window.
The girls are cute in the Mulan outfits. It cracks me up how much Chloe wants to be like Riley

Melody said...

Love those outfits!!! I was LMAO!

Mandi said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like it was a great trip.

Danielle said...

How fun!! Those outfits are so dang cute!! chloe would be a cute Mulan!! I might just still that idea for little miss Josie!! She is my lil asian girl!

Cherise said...

We had so much fun with you guys! I was sad after it hit me that all the crazy was gone! I think I thrive off of crazy and mass chaos! I love you guys come back!