Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day

So, a very late Happy Father's Day wish to the best husband and Dad around!! We love you Darren!!

These are a couple of my favorite pics of Darren. The baby is Cole.
And the next one is he and Chloe swimming.

Riley wants me to put that her favorite thing to do with her Dad is snuggle and swim with him.
Luke says his favorite thing to do with his dad is to go to Utah and shoot BB guns.
Chloe loves to give her Dad kisses and tell him she is going to marry him in the temple. he he
Cole, well, he just says Da Da. Next year he will have lots to say, I'm sure!

On Father's Day I got up to make Darren breakfast in bed. Once I got it all cleaned up I realized I wasn't getting far. I had a cold or something yucky, and went back to bed. Darren, being the bomb Dad he is, got the 3 bigger kids ready, took them to church, and taught my class for me! Man, I owe him BIG!!
I did manage to get a lasagna made for dinner and had my Dad, brother and Mom over to eat.
It was a nice night, I hope Darren thought so too.

Here is Chloe stealing all the olives out of the salad and Coco helping load the dishwasher.

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Melody said...

What an amazing guy! Tell him happy belated fathers day! Hope you feel better!

Mandi said...

What a great day! sounds like it was ok, even if you were sick. I hope your feeling better now.