Monday, December 21, 2009


I am so lucky to have such smart and well behaved kids!

Luke was the only one in his class to receive straight A's this trimester. He also received a perfect attendance award. (the first time ever, since we didn't go to Disneyland this fall)
His teacher just kept telling us how much she enjoys having him in class and wishes all the kids were like him. We hear this every year. I am just so proud of him and so glad he is my boy!

Riley received an award for academic excellence. Which is the Kindergarten equivalence of straight A's. She didn't get the attendance award unfortunately, due to the flu and some crawly things she got in her hair from school. haha
Ry's teacher said she is a smarty, just tends to be a little more social! That's my girl! She is also a big help to the other students! So proud of you Riley Roo!
Cole and Chloe really enjoyed seeing their big brother and sister at school. Cole kept trying to run up and sit with them.
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Ron M said...

Just an observation, but is Luke the only white kid in his class? And is there a reason why he is holding red, white, and blue, papers?

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