Monday, July 23, 2007

More Escalante

I had so many cute pictures from our trip I had to do another post.

Coolin' off with an otter pop at the parade.

Riley was so excited to get candy at first. By the end though we pretty much had to beg the kids to pick the candy up off of the ground.

She couldn't get enough!

This was at calf creek. It's kinda like the narrows, you walk through dirty, rocky water and then at the end there is a swimming hole. Way dirty but lots of fun. As you can see a lot of people had their dogs with them. Chloe had to go to each of them and pet them. She pants like a dog every time she sees one, it's so dang cute.
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Jen Rose said...

So glad you guys had fun!

Jamie said...

Looks like fun. Cute pictures.

Jodie said...

It's weird to see you in a tank top. (you look really cute though)

Sarah Goodsell said...

Your kids are way cute! I was telling Britt how hyper Jax is and how he dosen't take good naps, she said it's ok Missy's kids are the same way. Glad to know I'm not alone. Is the house for rent that's buy you guys? If so how much do you know?

Missy said...

Yeah Jodie, it was weird to wear a tanktop but I didn't want to get my only bra wet without a washer. Sarah, I'll look into the rental, Britt said we may be too far for you though. Our neighborhood is really nice though and a good ward.