Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Riley's Christmas program

Today was the day we have been practicing for. Ry has been singing Christmas songs for weeks now. Did she sing in the program, NO! She was fine when I walked in today, I went over to give her a love and tell good luck and instantly the cry face comes on and she says "I'm not gonna." She wouldn't even mouth a word after that. I guess that's a 4 year old for ya.

Aren't those noses the cutest. Tate is such an awesome teacher. We are so thankful for her.

Chloe had to keep giving Ry hugs. It was pretty cute.

After some coaxing from Tate, she at least rang her jingle bells.

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the boyd family said...

riley might not have sang, but she looked adorable... so it evens out! :)

Mandi said...

She did look very cute and at least she wore the nose ;o)

Jodie said...

You are going to be a pro when Chloe gets her's me that's going to need the help. I'll call for advice.

Mitch said...

How many pretty party dresses does that sweet little Riley have?
Will you adopt me and buy me beautiful dresses?
I promise not to cry or give you that "look" in public!
Thank goodness Riley hasn't learned to roll her eyes yet!
Just you wait,,,,eye rolling will come soon enough!
Love ya!