Friday, February 8, 2008


So I haven't had a chance to blog in a few days so I'll break the week down.

Tuesday night for our anniversary we went out with Brad and Britt for dinner. We then went car shopping with them. Kinda fun, I haven't done that in quite a while. I don't go with Darren anymore, I let him handle that, I'm too high strung. Afterwards we had some dessert at Cheesecake. I hate pictures of me while pregnant, my face is even gaining some weight! (I'm hoping it was just a bad angle. ) It was a nice evening though.
Thursday was such a nice day outside, we went to the park. The kids needed to get some energy out. We were all wiped when we got home. After dinner and kids to bed I got to go on a girls night out with some friends from the ward. We went to Applebee's for dessert and then to see 27 Dresses. I got home soo late, but had such a good time!

Today we spent the afternoon at the mall. Highly stressfull with all 3 kids and Chloe not having a nap! Couldn't find any chlothes for me though! I hate maternity clothes so I try to get around them any way I can. No luck though. We did get a new double stroller though and I found a new diaper bag I want at USA Baby. I'm getting more excited for this new baby !
Tonight I took Luke and Ry to see Hannah Montana in 3D. (Luke wanted to see the Jonas Brothers) I was not expecting the $15 charge per ticket however!! My friend Sheri and her daughter Morgan came with us. If the kids weren't so pumped to be there, I so would've walked right out. It wasn't even a very good movie and it wasn't very 3D either.
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Farnsworth Family said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun, week.

Mitch said...

You look M A R V E L O U S!
And you always do, PG or not!
You’re much too critical of yourself!
You don’t look like you’ve put on weight, you look like you’ve just had a few collagen injections…that’s all!
Hollywood glam gals actually pay big bucks to have their faces "plumped up"....and all you have to do is to get pregnant!:)

I can’t believe that Riley is old enough to be a Hannah Montana fan! Luke is such a considerate big brother to honor his sister's choice in movies. I wouldn't have been so nice, my vote would have been the Jonas brothers!

$15 Bucks a ticket....???? Wow, that's a rip-off!

Jilene said...

Ok Missy. Now you have to answer the questions! The married couple's not as bad as it sounds. We were married and so were they and they are still our best friends to this day. We just found out we were prego with Madeline and they were prego with their first also. We were both broke as a joke, so we decided that we would find a "big" (it was 1100 sq ft) apt to share and share the rent, utilities, etc. It was fun, but it only lasted 3 months because we were both going to have babies and it was too much to try and have newborns in the same house. So they ending up finding a different place. We are still best friends, so it didn't ruin anything. It was an experience!

Erin said...

I wish I knew you and Sherri were going to Hanna Montana 3D! Ethan has been begging me to take him. I was going to try to rally some troops together and go, because I'm SO not interested! LOL

Mandi said...

I love that its park weather again, Im so tired of indoor activities! Where did you say that Dino park was...Id like to check it out.

Mandi said...

Id love to go to the park with you guys...we did a picnic today after church and te kids loved it. Mon Wed Fri are the best days for me, although this fri I am leaving for Cali. (gymnastics and dance on tues thurs.) call me or email me and we'll set it up!

Lewis Family said...

Gosh you and 3 kids at the mall and soon 4 kids. You must be good, if you can do that :) So it was so funny I had given your name to my doctor and he set you an appointment for tomorrow at the summerlin office with him and then realized that you had already been seen. Well I cant wait to be able to take one baby to the mall, but maybe I really wont once she is here....I just want her to come!

Sarah Goodsell said...

Fun night! That park looks fun I should bring Jaxson out there to try it out.