Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This morning was my awesome body sculpt class that I love to take. We quickly headed home for showers so we could head over to our old hood to vote. We didn't change our address on our registration. I really look for any excuse to head over to the other side of town to feel normal again!

We then went to Cafe Rio for lunch. Super yummy! It is better without the kids however. We did get a free meal with our punch card though!
We then took the kiddies to our favorite park. Well, maybe just my fav. I like that I can sit at a table and see all of them.
It was quite chillier than we had expected though.

I don't know how Riley didn't end up in any of my pictures...
We came home and did homework, had dinner, cleaned up, bathed kids and put em in bed.
Darren put up a new shelve and some new picture frames for me. I will post a picture of it once I get pictures put in them.
We did let Luke stay up a little later tonight. He just couldn't get his head wrapped around the idea of Obama being the next President. He kept asking us how McCain new that he had lost, and why he made speech about it.
He has always been so interested with the process. When he was just barely 3 he knew all about "John Bush" and John Kerry. ha ha
Maybe we have a future politician amongst us??
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Mandi said...

Im right there with Luke. It shows less than 1% of the state repoting and they have a winner? crazy :o)

Anonymous said...

ya i agree. crazy!! oh well, what can you do know. At least we all took the time to vote. Sounds like a fun day!!

Anonymous said...
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the boyd family said...

you know, i still haven't been to that cafe rio!!! ugh. it is better without kids though huh :)

i forgot to mention in the last post, congrats about finishing all 4 twilight books!!! weren't they awesome!!! :)

oh and ps- i don't know if you knew, but tate is pretty for sure about doing 3 yr olds next year. i've already talked with her about putting kacey in there, i don't know if you were thinking about chloe... or if you don't want to drive that far... either way, just an fyi!

Sheri said...

I vote for Luke! He would be better then who is in it now!

Mikki said...

Haley was confused too when McKain was giving his speech. Funny.

Mitch said...

Tell Luke that Uncle Roger has been grumpy all week....and will continue to be cantankerous for the next 4 years!