Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have been out of the blogging scene for a bit so I did a major catch up today. Here's whats been going on...
-I've finished all 4 of the Twilight series books. I loved them! I think Darren is glad to have me back into reality. He has committed to going to the movie with me.
-Riley started her new dance class last Monday. She loves it. She has talked about it all week. It's just at the rec center, but it obviously works for her. It's great for me too, I planned it so I get to go with her by myself.
-We went to a pumpkin patch last week that ended up being more of a carnival. The kids loved it, Darren and I not so much. My camera battery was dead, so no pics.
-Cole has discovered his thumb. We find him occasionally like this. It is pretty cute, but I hope it doesn't become a habit.

I had to add this picture too. I told Chloe to get him a few toys today. This is what I found. I thought it was too cute!
-I committed a couple weeks ago to run a half marathon in February. (with Mandi) I've been pretty pumped about it. But after trying to train this week, I'm not sure about it until I can get my knee fixed. I'm hoping to get an MRI this week. So think good thoughts for me, I really want to do it!
-We had a little b-day dinner at our house on Tuesday for my Grandma. During the dinner prayer Riley says, "please bless that they will go home tonight." I think she meant, bless them as they go home tonight. It was pretty funny, there were several giggles at the table.
-Cole had a well check, he weighs 15 pounds and is 25 inches. He is short compared to the other kids and surprisingly only in the 50th percentile in weight.
-Riley got an ear infection on Thursday and missed her Halloween party at school. Yes, that was 2 visits to the pediatrician this week, not on the same day of course. They love us this time of year! (Luke had strep the week before.)
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Mandi said...

I am waiting for the doctors office to open as i type this,for brooklynn...let the cold season begin.

that will be very cool if your knee gets fixed in time, although you'll probably be faster than me anyway ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hey glad you finished the twilight books. I haven't even started. I know i should I hear they are great. Cute picture of the thumb.. Going to the ped. 2x's that week. yucky!! hope your kids are feeling better. You are a busy girl Good luck with the knee thing, keep me updated. What happened to your knee?

Melody said...

I ran the Half marathon back in 06 and it was fabulous I hope you can do it... however I did not train properly and have 2 herniated discs due to it.. quite painful. Please please make sure you are ok before you do it. and if you are its a blast! Good Luck with your MRI!

Michelle said...

Good for you doing a half marathon! Hopefully your knee will be ok. I would love to do one but haven't gotten serious about it.

Cute picture of Cole sucking his thumb. I love it when babies do that.

The Foulgers said...

Your kids are so adorable and getting so big! Chloe is such a great helper, I love the toys she got for Cole!:) Good luck on that half marathon! I hope that your knee is good to go! You are such an inspiration!

the boyd family said...

i LOVE that picture of cole sucking his thumb, so adorable!!!

Just Too Swift said...

I love seeing babies suck their thumbs when they're sleeping--it is so sweet. Cute Halloween pictures. Ron works the Las Vegas Marathon so when you're ready to run with the big guys, let him know. :o) Hope your knee gets better. What a cute guy Darren is by being willing to go to Twilight with you--I loved ALL the books.

Sorry about the jumble of comments, but it was so fun to catch up on all you've been doing.

Mitch said...

Awwwh, Cole is so cute!
You finished those books faster than I thought you would, given the demands pulling on you.
Did you take pictures of the birthday party?