Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disney Land day 2

This day was one of those where nothing got accomplished and everyone was tired and whiny!
It was also a big day for little miss Riley Roo. It was her 5th b-day! She knew she could get what ever she wanted (from her Dad anyway) and boy did she!! She got her b-day pin and was very happy when some one would tell her happy birthday!
We got to the park late, the boys had to get haircuts so we could try to get a good pic for our Christmas cards. Here is what we got. Chloe's eyes closed!! I have to check our Disney picture card, I'm hoping he got a better one!

We rode a few rides I think. The day was a blur, I don't really remember. Darren took Chloe and Cole to see the princess show, hoping they would sleep. Not so lucky!
I took Luke and Ry to a few rides. In the mean time Riley really wanted her face painted. We told her the day before she could, but after pictures. I wasn't satisfied with the pic, but figured I wouldn't be getting one with the moods we were all in so I let her do it.
I think she looks beautiful! Not worth the $14 though.

Of course when Chloe saw her, she insisted on having her face painted. We caved. I tried to get her the $7 one, but they weren't so cute. So here she is, super cute too!

We finally did Nemo. It was a cute ride! It definitely made us more tired though.

We met up with Cherise and her boys again. We also met up with some other friends from work too. A lot of the rides were broken down at this time. We couldn't seem to catch a break. We got to see a little holiday show and snow at Small World.
We met up with the Swinns to watch the fireworks. It was good but Tinker bell wasn't flying.
It was insane to get out of the park.
Met up with Mando, Cherise and boys at Red Robin for Riley's b-day dinner.
The kids got their own booth. Other people there probably hated us.
Here she is getting her sundae.
We went back to the hotel super exhausted!!


the boyd family said...

the face painting is adorable... but i'm with you- when you're paying for more than one daughter it does get expensive. i almost hate washing it off at night, $30 out the window! :)