Thursday, December 18, 2008

First and probably last "snow day"

Unfortunately there wasn't any snow left over here this morning for them to even see on their first snow day! The day continued to not be too fun for them. I put em to work! First, they helped me with our Christmas cards. I ended up just using the bad Disney Land one. I figured it showed the kids being their true selves and there's no way we would get a new one taken before Christmas. Luke was the only one that helped me through the end.

We got these cute ornaments at Michael's yesterday. We have gotten them for the last couple years. So we took the pictures and printed them out. Chloe gets such a kick out her 1st Christmas one. She pulls it off everyday and says "it's baby Woewee!" (my poor child can't pronounce her own name, so sad)

After some Ramen for lunch we worked on these lovelies for their teachers. 3 of em. Ry has 2 teachers this year.
I couldn't get them nearly perfect enough for my OCD self.

When Darren got home we ate super quick and rushed out to go and get a very secret gift for the kids. It was tough cause we had them in the car with us. I've talked about this item before, some of you may know what I mean. Very exciting!!

When we got home it was way past bed time and I still had to make a treat for their class parties. I tried making these pretzels hugs that I saw on Jamie's blog. I got side tracked and let them cook too long. Darren is at the store as we speak getting me more kisses.

What a long day! I hope we never have another snow day ever!!
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Melody said...

Mad props to you lady... that was one busy day and you accomplished soo much and with all of your kids home! BTW I would have totally eaten those pretzels they looked delicious!

Farnsworth Family said...

Whew! I am tired just reading about your day! You'll have to upload the recipe for those pretzals, they look yummy!

Mandi said...

i almost overbaked mine too!

those frames are so cute, we have some on our tree but have yet to put a picture in them :o)

Mandi said...

WOW girl!! How crazy! So did you get the secret gift they are wanting?? I hope you enjoy it. I am so not an animal person. :) Your pretzels look yummy though.. Glad you had help with your Christmas cards and stuff. Love the ornaments also.. Very nice.

The Foulgers said...

You are one crafty lady! Way to get so much accomplished in one day!

the boyd family said...

what are those pretzel things? they look good, is that white chocolate?

seriously, did i not get the crafty mommy gene? you do the coolest thing with your kiddies.

Rachel said...

Wasn't that the lamest thing ever? A snow day with no snow? Ridiculous. At least you had some hands to help you out. It was way fun at the girls night. We'll have to actually go shopping some time.