Friday, December 19, 2008

Flash back Friday

Back to the good ol' high school days baby! When things seemed so stressful, but I know realize how easy we had it! I found these a couple weeks ago while pulling out the Christmas stuff. How fun to reminisce. We had such a great group of girl friends. (and a couple boys.) We had a ton of fun no matter where we were or whatever we were doing! We were so loud and silly. I never realized that till recently. Darren has been telling me for years.

Brittany, Amanda, Aleisha, Heidi and me. Kimmy is in the back ground. I'm guessing it was Hawaii day at school. We were at some student council function I'm sure.

Amanda and I would spend hours doing photo shoots when I would sleep over at her house. Or do you guys remember the before dance photo shoots?

Another student council something or other. I think it was the end of the year party and awards ceremony. I remember my mom used one of the pics for my grad announcements. Tianna is in this one too.

I just had to put this one in there. Boy do I wish this was how things played out. Or even if he had just had 2 of them!
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Anonymous said...

don't you love old photos? Thanks for posting!

Mandi said...

Very cute!! I love the photos.. you had a lot of fun in high School.

Carol said...

You haven't changed a bit! Thanks for sharing this "old" photos--I even recognize some of those cute girls. What a great idea--I think guys should help by delivering a couple babies for us, too!

Sheri said...

Love the picture of you and Darren. I agree about the pregnancy thing. Maybe Marc would leave me alone then.

Mikki said...

Hey Missy, thanks for the tip on the hair beader. Which walmart did you see it at?

the boyd family said...

that one of darren is too funny! matthew keeps saying that we should just have our 4th kid now, get it over with type of deal. my answer is we can have her, but he has to be the one to be pregnant. i'm done!!!