Sunday, December 21, 2008

Riley's Christmas party

On Friday we went to Riley's preschool Christmas party. Chloe loves going into class. She is treated like one of the big kids. Riley was glad to see us. They had tons of food this time. Some of it quite interesting...

This is Riley's friend Ayianna. We found out at the party she won't be coming back after the break. We were pretty sad about that. I love at such a young age little girls know how to pose.

We tried to get the whole class, but I don't think we got everyone. That is Mrs. Wendy, one of her teachers.

Here is the Coco man during the fiesta. He was just hanging out.
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the boyd family said...

cute pics, i love how little girls pose. it's so funny. kacey likes pretending she's a big kid too. are you going to put chloe in tate's next year?

Cherise said...

Feliz Navida Riley!!! haha