Sunday, January 18, 2009

Loving this weather

Where else can you go to the park in January in short sleeves? I even got a little tan line too.

It was nice to get together with Brittney and Emmy and Sarah and her boys. Cole and Emmy were so cute. They just kinda hung out.
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Cherise said...

Don't you love when it starts getting warmer! With the crazy winter you guys had I would be sooo excited!
It skipped being really nice weather, to 85-95 degree's here for the past 2 weeks! I want spring weather!

Melody said...

right!!!! Loving this weather.. we have to ake advantage of the parks before the heat wave comes... I know alot of parks look alike but that one looks like the one me n my babies go to! Was it in henderson?

Amber and Co. said...

Big ditto! Phoenix is having the BEST weather right now! I'm trying to soak it in before it gets so flippin hot this summer. :)

Melody said...

anytime Missy! well.. thats a lie any friday I am down!(do to school)