Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playing catch up

There's been a few pictures I've been meaning to post, so here is some randomness...

-A couple Saturdays ago Darren baptized his friend Juan from work. This was the first baptism he has ever performed, so the kids were super excited to go. Good practice for Luke's later on this year! I am so proud of Darren for being such a good example and for being worthy to take part in such a special day for Juan. And so excited for a new member of the church!!

Sorry for the bad pic. I took it with Darren's phone, it was so bright I couldn't tell my finger was in the way.
-We went to Sunset park last Wednesday with the Leavitt's. It was so warm out side, it was great! Riley has learned how to blow bubbles with her gum so I had to share this picture.
I haven't been on a swing in years, it wasn't as fun as I remember!

Feeding the ducks.
-Here is Cole eating a banana cookie. He sure did love it! Made a huge mess, but was so cute!

-A week from today my Mom, Cole and I will be boarding a plane to Orlando. We are going to visit my Grandpa (Noni) who hasn't met Cole yet. He only knows my Mom and I are coming. We will be gone 6 days! I am so nervous to travel with him on the plane and to be away from Darren and the other kids for that long! I would love any tips you guys have on traveling with a baby, or things to do in Florida or even a good book I could bring along. I think I may be bored without all of my usual Mom things to do.
-My ipod, or my nike+ busted the other day. We got the ipod working again, but now it won't track my miles. I am so sad and don't want to spend the money on a new one. Before it died, my total miles ran was 50! Not bad for as short of a time I had the Nike+.
-Cole and I have the flu today. He has been cranky and not right for a few days. This morning I woke up throwing up. Well, I didn't sleep much so I finally got up and threw up a few times. (No, I am so NOT pregnant.) Cole's diapers have been outta control and he just clings to my hip. Not fun to clean up while I am not feeling well. Even the dog threw up! I am so glad it was today and not next week though. Darren raced home to take the kids to soccer practice and is taking tomorrow off so we can recover and take Coco to the doctor if needed.
-We got Twilight the other night. My kids have been begging me to watch it. The girls, mostly Riley has had it on twice but not really watched it all. Today my mother in law picked Luke up from school today and while she was here Chloe brings her the DVD and says, "Gamma, we have Edward at our house!" The way she says Edward is hilarious! We were both just cracking up!


Carol said...

Throwing up and trying to take care of sick kid is the worst! Hope you're doing a little better. Sounds like a fun trip to Orlando with your mom.

the boyd family said...

that sucsk that you're sick. i hope that we didn't have anything to do with that :( i love how you said that being on a swing is not as fun as you remember. i hear ya. have fun with your mom. i did that once with kylie, she was about 7 months, actually went to orlando also... it was easy, bring plenty of bottles!

The Foulgers said...

What a great catch up. I can't believe you are all wearing shorts down there. I'm so jealous! It's snowing here today!:(

A trip with just your mom and Cole will be so much fun. I hope you can enjoy the time away from your other kids and just enjoy your trip.

I'm sorry that you're sick, that is the worst when you have to be the mommy too. I'm glad Darren will be there with you tomorrow so you can get some rest.

MC Lewis said...

Ok so I have only traveled with Lana on an airplane once, but this is what I reccomend.
-Take a little stroller
-Take empty bottles of water and fill them up at the water fountain on the other side.
-Bring lots of snacks since they are starting to charge (depending on the airline)
-Protable DVD player if you have one or can borrow one
-Feed Cole a little snack before you board, then give him his bottle while the plane takes off to help him fall asleep (if that usually works for him)
If I think of anymore I will let you know.

Mikki said...

I'm catching up too. How awesome for your husband to get to baptize his friend. You must be so proud. That's awesome.

Hope you have a great trip. Sounds like fun. I think I've heard that having them drink their bottle during take off helps with the pressure, you know on the ears, so it's not so uncomfortable for them.

I'm so glad Chloe was ok after that accident. Scary!! You're so awesome, the way that you handled it. I would have probably been freaking out.
You're so inspirational to me Missy. It's awesome that you're doing this run. And dang! Six miles up hill to the temple? Wowza!! I hate running. I wish I could get into it. I'd drop a load of weight that way I'm sure.

Mandi said...

I am so glad you are all feeling better. I hope your trip goes well I know your already gone so i can't give you advice, but i hope it's well and can't wait to hear all about it. What an awesome thing for darren to be able to do. That's great!