Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the road

On our way home today everyone had hit a wall. Cherise was following with her boys, and they were restless too.
We made a stop in Baker for some treats and to stretch a little.

Although, we hate suckers, and their mess, we let them get em so they would be quiet for longer.
Cole was quite proud of his!

Darren with his cool glasses. His sunglasses are over his regular glasses. SO HOT!

The kids and I are on the road again tomorrow. We are headed to good ole' Escalante, where Luke has been for nearly 3 weeks with Grandma and Grandpa Mecham. A lot of the family will also be there to celebrate pioneer day. I am dreading another long car ride with the kids!
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Mandi said...

Love the sucker pictures great way to keep them happy! i love the glasses too. darren is so funny! Good luck on your trip to Utah. I hope it's a good trip.

Melody said...

OMG!! I would have hit a wall too!! That is a great surprise for your family!! Plus you are still headed to Utah?? I would need lots of caffeine!! lol:) have a blast!

Mikki said...

So cute. My boys love suckers too. I hate the sticky mess.
It was good to see you today. It HAS been a while!! Looks like you've been super busy as usual! :o)