Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trying to redeem myself

I have been absent from the blogging world. I have gotten to check some out here and there, but just haven't been feeling it/ had time/ still don't have our computer up and running. But, I've decided to get back to it. I need to journal for my posterity!

Last Sunday as we are getting ready for church, Luke tells Riley, "you look like that lady, you know, sen. Mc Cain's president partner." Ha, ha. So, we posed her with Gma's glasses. What a cute little Sarah Palin!

K, I almost didn't post this, cuz a pic of a toilet is just wrong to me, but it is so Chloe!
I just don't know about that child some days!!

My niece Hayden Jade Lapp was born a week and half ago, and we just love her to pieces!! She is so dang precious and my kids just love holding her. Her mom and dad wish she would sleep a little more at night, and a little less during the day!

A few nights ago we met the Mohlman's at Town Square to play at the park and have some delish Yogurtland! It was the most perfect night, the weather was great! Chloe and Loryn were feeding each other. They are too cute!

Some other happenings:
-Ry was tested at the school to see if she will skip Kinder. We are still awaiting word, and I am still not 100 percent sure what to do with her.
-Ry also loves to play on the phone and phoned 911 without us knowing. A nice officer showed up at our door within 2 minutes. How embarrassing! Let's just say, she will never be doing that again!
-Our plans for the half marathon in Sept. fell apart, so I have decided to keep on and train for the full marathon in December! Yeah, that means 26.2 miles!! I know, I am crazy, but I am only getting older and why waste all the training I have already done?
I am on day 7 of P90X also. Fun, fun!

-I hate when you move and random things get lost. Need to make a point of really searching for them this week!

-Luke is adjusting to being home. He doesn't have much patience for his sisters. He is such a boy now and just wants to play video games or watch TV. He is still such a good boy though!

-Chloe, is well, crazy! She has earned the new nickname REPEAT. She copies most of Riley's actions and words. Then to top it off, she surprises me with her own craziness! She is such a funny little thing though.

-Coco is just getting so big! Especially now that Hayden is here. It makes me sad, but then happy that soon we will get to travel without strollers and diapers and all that jazz. He has learned to say "more" and will do the sign for it also, but only if it is something sweet! Little turd! If you ask him for a kiss, he bows his big ol' head at you to kiss. He doesn't kiss on the lips! Since he was just tiny, the girls have always kissed his head before bed time and every nap. He thinks that is how you kiss!

-Darren has been working hard, as usual. No OT, but it has been nice to spend time with him. He came home Saturday with a scab/ bump on his forehead. The girls were very concerned, especially when he said he got shot there. It was during training and with a paintball gun. ha ha


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Melody said...

Great Sarah Palin! Love that Chloe.. so much alike are her and my Presley! About 2 weeks ago I go in their bathroom to find stamps all over the door and toilet, and their vanity.. not play stamps.. they found my mail stamps and "thought" they were stickers!

Anonymous said...

I understand about losing things during moves. I just found my seam ripper after a year of not knowing where it was. Glad to see your post.

The Foulgers said...

Thanks for the update. I can't believe you are running a full marathon! That is AWESOME!! I hope all your training goes well.

Mandi said...

I've missed all your posts!! Glad yoru back. Love the Sarah Palin picture. haha! Hayden is so adorable. Good Luck with your marathon training. I hope you do well with it.

the boyd family said...

hehe, that toliet picture is funny. chloe is so funny... and ps- you're insane, 26.2 miles. holy cow!!

Farnsworth Family said...

Great updates and it looks like you have been super busy! Chloe is dead on as Sarah Palin, I think you should submit that to the media!