Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Riley Roo is 6 today!

I can't believe my princess is 6 already! Or maybe I can't believe that she's not 10 or 11 since that is how old she acts.
We've been talking about her b-day for a while now, but somehow last night we all kinda forgot, even Ry. It didn't last long, and we made sure to have streamers and balloons up for her this morning. She opened up her presents before she even came upstairs to wake us up.
She got a Pixos factory and the monkey PJ's she has been wanting.
She wore her Princess b-day pin to school and brought cupcakes for her class.
After homework was done we went to Red Robin for dinner.

She LOVES her cousin Hayden. She insists on holding and carrying her around all by herself. I think Hayden looks a lot like Ry did as a baby. It could just be the bald head, I'm not sure yet.

Here is the birthday song and ice cream. I can't believe she isn't sick from that and the shake she had with dinner!

Today I had flash backs of her first bday party we had a Red Robin where she put her whole face in her cake to have a bite. We all laughed so hard and she got so embarrased and wouldn't move at all. I can't say I wish she were that age still, she was not an easy baby or toddler. But it was a nice memory!

Here she is with Emerson and Chloe outside of the mall.

In the new jammies with her brothers.

Happy Birthday sis, we love you so much! You are such a funny, smart and pretty girl!
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The Foulgers said...

Happy Birthday Riley! It really does seem like she is so much older than 6. She is so cute. I love that she couldn't wait to open her presents, and got just what she wanted. What a fun day!

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Riley!! What a fun day! Glad she got what she wanted! She is so cute!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Riley, what a fun day!

Nicole said...

happy birthday riley!!!

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