Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christmas Day

My kids are the best sleepers!! They slept till about 8 on Christmas morning!!
It was so exciting this year because Cole was finally old enough to "get it".

Cole was way excited with his little 4-wheeler.

He and Hayden had such a blast. They didn't even want to open any other present.

Luke and Riley both got cell phones this year... don't judge, I have always been against this. They are mainly just for texting family members. It is pretty convenient, and it's fun for the kids and their cousins.
They were so surprised though! We called the phones so the packages were vibrating. haha

Love the look on her face.

Chloe loved her Tangled tower/table.

A purse you can color. Totally Riley style.

Both boys got new Nerf guns. We endured many gun battles for several weeks.

OK- we may seem a little gun happy. haha Luke had some of these at Cole's age and they were so cute. Isn't he just adorable?
After we cleaned up and got ready we headed over to Machelle's for our annual Christmas breakfast. I guess I forgot my camera as I have not a single picture.
It was really nice to have D home for both Christmas Eve and Day. That hasn't happened in quite a few years and it won't happen again for a few years, sadly.
That night after the kids went to bed (g-ma stayed with them) D and I got to go to the movies with a few of his siblings and spouses. It was a fabulous holiday.